Mass Interior Customisation and Individuality

Today everyone wants to own a vehicle that is different, unique, custom-made and special.  Individuality is the trendy word that has caused many original equipment manufacturers to be concerned about how to mass-produce customised products.  This is where AUTOSTOP LEATHER comes into the picture.

Over the past few years, the company has found solutions to the many challenges that arise from trying to mass-produce customised vehicle interiors.  The target is to be able to produce “from one to one million” units by keeping all related development and set-up costs at a minimum.  The following steps are important in order to achieve such a target:


Style and Design

  • Develop the basic model by using the same fixation points and safety characteristics with OE seat (e.g. airbag, ISOFIX, etc.)
  • Create variations on the surface of the basic model with different cutting lines, colors, stitching, and material combinations
  • Perform all required testing


Volumes and Cost

  • Select each specific variation according to country
  • Agree on average volume per country and determine cost that will be acceptable


Capacity Production and Flexibility

  • Use CNC cutters for all materials with no tooling costs
  • Laminate the leather in order to solve many design and engineering issues
  • Use small sewing teams that can be more flexible


Lead Time

  • Short lead time for the purpose of market time demand
  • For existing models, target of 30 days from kickoff
  • For new models, target with a maximum of 180 days



  • Use carry-over materials from OE seat production in order not to change specifications and to save time and money



  • Have the capability to install at both in-line production factories and post-vehicle production facilities or PDI’s