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Airbag testing

The most important safety requirement by the automotive industry is to include additional technical specifications for the seams in a car's interior. In case of an accident, the side airbags that are integrated in the car seats have to break through in an exactly defined seam section of the seat squab. Seam at these points must be strong enough to resist the stress under normal conditions, and at the same time, it must guarantee the unrestricted, accurate exit of the airbag.

AUTOSTOP uses Dürkopp Adler which has developed the engineered sewing station 550-767 that produces this Side Airbag (SAB) tearing seam result. The overall concept is oriented on process ability as well as on the monitoring and documentation of the given sewing parameters and sewing processes, offering the required safety in better quality, productivity and flexibility.

Test Examples are generated at Temperatures -80c ,+40c , ambient +23c

The Seat Side Airbag Saves Lives.

Violation of specification of the seat can lead to serious injuries to passengers.