Ingress/Egress test

Ingress/Egress, also known as Sliding Entry, involves simulating an occupant's movements while entering (ingress) and exiting (egress) a vehicle.  Seat cushion height (ground to seat) is an important factor. The greater the distance between the seat cushion and the roof line, the more comfortable the Ingress/Egress.

Ease of Ingress/Egress is becoming increasingly more important as the population grows taller (on average) and lives longer to continue driving at an older age.  Back & neck problems such as degenerative-arthritis-of-the-spine make it difficult for many people to deal with repetitive Ingress/Egress discomfort caused by low slung vehicles. The Ingress/Egress test is an entirely different test than "headroom" or "legroom" which merely measures capacity once the occupant has already climbed inside the vehicle.


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