Development & Design

Our Design & Development team of specialists focus only on continuously developing unique, elegant interiors by meeting the exact specifications of manufacturers whilst keeping all related development and set-up costs to the minimum.



  • CAD-CAM systems used for prototyping
  • Short lead times
  • High flexibility on changes during design or production
  • Innovative techniques in improving quality whilst keeping costs down
  • All required tests performed
  • Certified sewing Seat Side Airbags
  • ISO/TS 16949


Our design department has some of the most highly-qualified designers and engineers in the industry. They follow all modern trends in the automotive industry and use only sophisticated design methods to meet even the most demanding concepts and customer requirements.


Our company uses CAD-CAM systems for Design & Development prototypes - the fastest and cost effective way, without the need of using additional tools. This system provides shorter lead times and high flexibility to changes on any design specifications.



Innovative solutions in Design & Production are the main aim to success for our design department.  During every production, research is often conducted on new machines, tools, and experimental techniques. These will provide the desired end results: reducing the required production time, improving the quality of all products and services while keeping costs to the minimum. The design department has also the responsibility to develop and improve all procedures that need to be applied in order to control engineering specifications on specific requirements.


See our colour configurator here: