The fitting of leather interior and upholsteries is a very demanding process from a technical point of view.

AUTOSTOP LEATHER finest output comes from the continuous training programs on installation of new models and by introducing new techniques.  Through teamwork, our company is capable to deliver every day a large amount of installed leather interiors and in the highest quality.

Our subcontractor teams are managed and trained by our experts to work on installations in many countries and locations throughout Europe. Designers and engineers work closely with our company's installers in order to ensure that a product is produced in such a way that even an unskilled technician can easily perform the tasks of installing a leather cover on a vehicle seat. Whatever choice is made by the customer as to the specific location of the installation of the leather interiors, we can provide the following:

  • On-site training and support
  • Shared knowledge on special tools and machines
  • 24/hour replacement of damaged parts directly to installation facility
  • High flexibility and implementation of changes on the product during production
  • Installation teams available anywhere in Europe within 48hours