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Company Profile

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Founded in 1991 by Panayiotis Pitsikos and his two younger brothers George and John in Athens - Greece, AUTOSTOP rapidly became one of the leading companies in the after-market of leather interior designing and manufacturing for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) in the automotive industry in Europe.


The company started its activities with the production of all types of leather trimming for vehicles. In 1994, Pitsikos made an exclusive agreement with one of the most renowned firms in the leather automotive industry, CB Leather (previously Connolly Leather Ltd), to distribute its products in Greece and the Balkans. With such a significant business partner, the company built a strong reputation in providing quality products and in an environmentally friendly approach.


In 2002, Cabarra N.V. was established in the Netherlands as an affiliate sales company, allowing AUTOSTOP to begin its exporting activities to a number of European countries.


In 2006, the company expanded its activities by becoming the official supplier of Ford Europe, achieving in 2010 the Q1 status by supplying leather interior covers to both in-line production factories and post-vehicle production facilities.  In 2008, AUTOSTOP also became the official supplier of Toyota Motor Europe by developing and producing almost the entire model range for the after-market accessory, with the installation taking place at various PDI hubs throughout Europe. In 2009, the company supplied Chrysler Europe with leather covers for two of its models for in-line production.


The company is certified with ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, sewing Seat Side Airbags and ISO/TS 16949.


At AUTOSTOP we are always focused on customer satisfaction and we are proud to continue producing leather interiors in premium quality, meeting even the most demanding requirements. With over 2,500 patterns of high-end automotive interiors, our area of expertise has now rapidly expanded to the transportation, aviation and marine industries.